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Ladies Golf Update

Congratulations to Penny Sullivan our July ACE.

winners in first flight.......1st place: Jackie Hice

tie for 2nd place: Sue Layton

Sue Mathes

Donna Hulbert

Linda Lelli

winners in second flight.1st place: Penny Sullivan

2nd place: Barbara Walsh

winners in third flight:...1st place: Cheryl Furman

2nd place: Kathy Fuller

The Harbour Pointe Ladies Golf Association (HPLGA) plays every Thursday from mid-March through mid-November. The various golf games are interspersed by special tournaments, one of which is Ace of the Month, a tournament in which the golfer with the lowest net score (strokes minus handicap) of that day wins Ace of the Month. In November, these eight Aces compete for Ace of the Year while the rest of the association plays a regular game for that day.

July 6th Tournament

first place winners: Sharon Henke and Kris Engelhaupt

second place winners: Linda Lelli and Donna Hulbert

third place winners: Cindy Pellegrini and Sue Layton

Hard Nine Tournament July 20, 2023

winners in first flight: 1st place: Karen Macaulay

2nd place: Kris Engelhaupt

winners in second flight: 1st place: Geneva Lane

2nd place: Penny Sullivan

winners in third flight: 1st place: Rita Gillham

2nd place: Ann Kopec

HPLGA Tournament, 4 Clubs and a Putter, July 27, 2023

winners in first flight: 1st place: Jackie Hice

tie for 2nd: Sue Layton and Karen Macaulay

winners in second flight: 1st place: Pam Nolan

2nd place: Joan Melius

winners in third flight: 1st place: Kathy Fuller

2nd place: Ruthann Hendel

The USGA rules that a player can have no more than 14 clubs in the player’s bag. Clubs typically include a driver, a few woods and hybrids, and some irons, particularly wedges and short irons. This week’s HPLGA game “Four Clubs and a Putter” made the game more challenging by limiting each player to only four club, plus a putter. Players had to decide which four clubs would be most useful or adaptable and leave the other nine clubs at home. As you can probably surmise, the one club many players may have found absolutely necessary to scoring success was a club they left at home!

HPLGA " Tournament: Par 3" August 3, 2023

first place winners: Kathy Fuller, Sue Layton, Cheryl Furman, Joan Melius

second place winners: Geneva Lane, Sharon Henke, Joan Glennon, Barbara Walsh

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