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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

“The Main (and only) County Access Road for our Community is Broad Creek Road. Over time the section from our Firehouse down to Marina Drive has been illuminated with dusk to dawn lights. With the introduction of more economical and better focused LED lighting the older lights were replaced. The last section from Marina Drive to the end of the County Road, by the CWS Sewer Plant, has just been completed with two of these newest LED street lights. Our excellent Tideland Electric Cooperative installed and maintains the Broad Creek Road lighting with the low power usage being part of our POA Common Electric Bill. The dusk to dawn road illumination will add to both vehicle and pedestrian safety to what was a very dark section of our main egress.

Additionally, a sizable deer population frequents that end of Broad Creek Road. Regrettably over the years it has been the site of many evening car deer collisions. Hopefully these incidents will be greatly reduced in the future. Much thanks to our POA Community Manager for championing this beneficial safety improvement.”

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