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  • Cheryl Furman

HPLGA - Harbour Pointe Ladies Golf Association

Dear New Resident,

On behalf of the Harbour Pointe Ladies Golf Association at Fairfield Harbour (HPLGA), I welcome you to our boating and golfing community. As President of our group, let me inform you of our Ladies Golf Association. We are a group of approximately 35 ladies who love the game of golf. Our league play is every Thursday from mid-March to mid-November. We have a Season Opening Luncheon and an end-of-season Awards Banquet. We also have several ‘special’ luncheons throughout our season. Our league welcomes 18- and 9-hole players who are members of HPGC. We have all levels of skills, from the beginner to the “play until I can’t swing” players. But with our handicap system (World Handicap System), we can all enjoy the game with each other regardless of our skill level.

If you have questions, please get in touch with our Membership Chairperson,

Nancy Robinson, at 252-288-5951 or

Cheryl Furman, 2023 President, HPLGA

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