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Hospital Auxiliary

Photo left to right

HA 1: Hospital Auxiliary members (left to right) Clare Ostrosky, Lucille Durst, Jane Haeussler, and Chairperson Janell Ringuette gathered to match 150 handmade baby hats and blankets were delivered to CarolinaEast in November by Lucille and Janell.

HA 2: The 150 sets are ready to be donated to babies born in December at CarolinaEast.

HA 3 and HA 4: Handmade toys and surgery pillows were turned in at the November meeting.

HA 5: CarolinaEast Volunteer Services Coordinator Shaellen Thompson presented gifts and grocery gift certificates to Fairfield Harbour Auxiliary members at the November meeting.

HA 6: The 2023 officers for Fairfield Harbour's Satellite Auxiliary were sworn in at the Annual Meeting at The Flame. New Chairperson Ruth Blackwell, new Vice Chairperson Holly Woodcock, and returning Secretary Sue Bischoff are shown here. Treasurer Mary Florence was unable to attend and will be sworn in at a later date.

HA 7: Many Fairfield Harbour's Auxiliary members attended the Annual Meeting and Christmas luncheon for all CarolinaEast's volunteers on December 13.

HA 8: CarolinaEast appreciates its volunteers and goes out of its way to let them know how valuable they are to its operations.

The Fairfield Harbour Satellite Auxiliary of CarolinaEast Medical Center did not hold a regular meeting in December. Instead, members were invited to the Annual Meeting of the Volunteer Auxiliary and an appreciation luncheon at The Flame on December 13. Our officers were sworn in as part of the business meeting.

Officers for 2023 include Chairperson Ruth Blackwell, Vice Chairperson Holly Woodcock, Secretary Sue Bischoff, Treasurer Mary Florence, and Assistant Secretary Andi Ostar. Of note is that Fairfield Harbour resident Joye Moloney is Chair of the Main Auxiliary.

Items needed to fill 200 handmade Christmas stockings have been assembled and stuffed into the stockings and will be delivered to hospitalized patients on December 23 by Ruth Blackwell, Joyce Stull, and Linda Neylan.

Regular meetings will resume on Monday, January 16, at 9:30 am at the Community Center. You are invited to visit us to see what we're all about and to join us in our service to others if you wish. For membership information, contact new Chairperson Ruth Blackwell or Membership Chair Darlene Madorma.

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