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Harbour Light Players Ushers in New Board of Directors

Gwendolyn Natusch – President, Chris Jewell – Secretary, Elise Hauber – Treasurer, Joy Pikor – Board member, Benny Thompson – Board member, Rhonda Miller – Board member, Diane Meyer – Vice President

Harbour Light Players held their annual elections on September 7. Six of the seven seats on the Board of Directors were on the docket. There were a total of eleven people running for these six positions. It was great to see so many people wanting to step up to a leadership role.

The new Board consists of:

  • Gwendolyn Natusch – President

  • Diane Meyer – Vice President

  • Elise Hauber – Treasurer

  • Chris Jewell – Secretary

  • Joy Pikor – Board member

  • Rhonda Miller – Board member

  • Benny Thompson – Board member

The outgoing board guided us through the previous year superbly, and many thanks go out to them for the role they played. Their dedication saw “Follies 2022” as well as “Wisecrackers”. Both were well attended, seemed to be just what our neighbors wanted, and wholeheartedly supported.

The new Board of Directors has several fresh new ideas for the club and is excited to bring them to the membership at the upcoming meeting on October 5, 7 p.m., Community Center.

Introducing a new series for the club: What's What & Who's Who in Theatre? We will be inviting 1 or 2 people to each of our monthly membership meetings for the next few months. It's exciting to have members share what they know and share their experience and expertise. See the flyer below.

If you are interested in joining Harbour Light Players, please feel free to attend this meeting and join.

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