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Garden Club Yard of the Month Scouts

Starting in April 2023, the Yard of the Month Scouts will be about the community looking over properties to nominate as an exceptional yards, one to be voted as the Yard of the Month for May, June, July, and again in the fall.

You may wonder what criteria we use to nominate a yard.

The Fairfield Harbour Garden Club Yard of the Month is nominated and voted on by the Yard of the Month Committee. Two members tour every street in their assigned section. There are five sections in FH, and a nomination is made for each section. The ten committee members then vote for the yard that closely meets the garden club criteria.

The criteria we use to nominate an exceptional yard are:

  • Are the plant material and colors interesting?

  • Are the choices suitable to the location?

  • Is the size appropriate?

  • Does the yard have proportion, rhythm, scale, balance, and a focal point?

  • Is the plant material healthy?

  • Are the shrubs well cared for and trimmed if needed?

  • Does the landscaping have a finished look?

  • Is it well groomed?

  • Are weeds in control?

  • Are the driveway and walkways neat and well-tended?

  • Are there accessories that complement the layout? Are they in balance and scale with each other? Accessories include trellises; ponds; bird baths; sundials, bird feeders; banners; window boxes; sculptures, etc.

Anyone can suggest a yard they feel meets the above criteria. Please give the address, name, and highlights of why you think this yard should be considered. The scouts assigned to that area will include the yard in their evaluation.

Don't hesitate to contact the Yard of the Month Chairperson for any questions or concerns.

Carolyn Hansen 252-288-4454

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