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From The Library

Greetings from your POA Library. The library hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am-8 pm. We have a great selection of books, DVDs, movies, and puzzles. We have a return cart near the door for you to return borrowed items. There is a large labeled bin for new donations next to the table in the library room as well. Feel free to come and borrow items as you wish.

For Your Consideration

Last month I answered questions about when to bring donations to the library. We have been getting questions lately about what can be donated. Below is a list of items we accept. However, consider when to bring them as well. If you are moving or doing spring cleaning, you may have several boxes of gently used books, large print books, DVDs, audiobooks, and puzzles. Try to bring them Monday - Wednesday. This is because we work weekly shifts, Monday through Friday. On Fridays, we take any older books and duplicates to various places for other folks to enjoy. The goal is to have items donated that week curated, cataloged, and shelved by Friday. That way, the next librarian starts with a clean slate the following Monday. If someone brings in a box or boxes full of books on Friday, it is very daunting for the librarian working that week to try to curate all those books and deliver older books to nursing homes, laundry mats, etc.

That being said, remember we welcome donations whenever you can bring them! Below is what we accept:

  • We gladly accept your gently used and loved reads to share with our community.

  • Make sure books are clean and undamaged.

  • We do not accept items such as cookbooks or coffee table books.

  • We are looking to build a DVD and Large Print collection. If you have any movies or large print books, we welcome them.

  • Puzzles with all pieces are accepted. Just tape the sides of the box so pieces don't fall out.

Beverages, Biscuits, and Books

Are you looking for a good book or author recommendation? Grab your beverage of choice and a snack and read a review of a great author- Janet Evanovich, from one of our great librarians- Lorrie Stillwagon.

Janet Evanovich is the #1 NYT bestselling author of a series of mystery suspense novels featuring Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter with an attitude. Each book in the 29-book series works as a standalone novel, meaning you can read the books in any order and have an enjoyable reading experience. When I was still working, I got hooked on this series of comedic contemporary crime fiction. I wanted something easy and fun to read, and Evanovich's novels are just that. I found myself laughing out loud while following along with Stephanie, her co-workers, friends, and family in Trenton, NJ. If you enjoy lighthearted mysteries with a touch of romance, try reading from this series.

Library Volunteer, Lorrie

If Lorrie's review has inspired you, come to the library and browse through our Evanovich collection. We currently have eight books by Janet Evanovich. Check these out: Fortune and Glory, The Chase, Top Secret Twenty-One, Takedown Twenty, The Job, The Heist, and Twisted Twenty-Six. This last book is also in our large print section. Thanks, Lorrie, for sharing.

I am looking forward to a good mystery read!

Our Librarians

Our excellent volunteer staff curates our library, and our librarians do weekly rotations. If you see any of them, say hello and share your favorite author or book!

  • Jennifer Creech

  • Mary Beth Croft

  • Susie DeLong

  • Margaret Hindley

  • Mary Hittner

  • Julie Madsen

  • Nancy Maguire

  • Susan McCrocklin

  • Jackie Moniak

  • Beth Pallen

  • Pam Saupe

  • Cathy Snyder

  • Lorrie Stillwagon

  • Evelyn Thompson

  • Katherine Van Leeuwen

  • Mimi Watrous

  • Frances Wood

  • John Wood

We are so lucky to have your donated books in our library. It's a beautiful resource, so come check out the library next to the POA office! If you have any questions or book recommendations, don't hesitate to contact Mary Beth Croft at

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