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FH loves their parade!

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

A picture is worth a thousand words. We have lots of photo coverage of the parade. Check out all the photos and videos to relive the day!

To view Al Asheuer's complete video of the parade, please click here:

To view Al Asheuer's "Stars of the 2022 Fairfield Harbour POA Holiday Parade" click here:

Photos by Deb Rothengast, see below:

Photos above by Bob Dumon, see below:

Aerial drone photography by Alan Fairbanks.

It takes a community to run a parade! A BIG thank you to all who participated in the 26th annual Fairfield Harbour Parade. This year's floats were terrific; we had 42 entries and

more than 350 people in the parade. The streets were packed with viewers cheering the parade.

The parade team this year included Deb Lutz and the FH Special Events committee. They were instrumental in decorating Red Sail Park, arranging Santa's visit, lining up the reindeer golf carts, and ensuring Santa had gifts for the children. Plus, they supplied the cart barn port-a-potty. Thank you, Rose MacNeal, for the social media posts promoting the event.

Special thanks to the safety committee: Benny Thompson (security chair), Pat Dumon, Bob Heal, Rose Goodwin, her security team, and Jimmy Hart, Department Chief, Tri-Community Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, and his team.

The FH Parade committee wore many hats this year. Thank you, Phil Hewett and Rich Miller (POA board members), for cooking those hotdogs! Thank you, Kevin Griffin, from Storm Guard, for the hotdog and buns donation. Les Pendleton drove Santa in high style in his sassy Chevy golf cart. Leigh Pfefferkorn, Ellen McElree, Elaine Steinbeck, Nancy and Dave Wills managed and organized the food at Red Sail. RMG's Stevie Penn and Rachel Bell coordinated the sweets and iced tea donation. Thank you, Leigh Pfefferkorn, for the coffee and fixings.

Phyllis Godwin was instrumental in her organizational skills and fresh ideas. Will Caudle and his team were extremely valuable in mounting the lineup stakes, blocking roads, and the many details our fabulous maintenance crew does. Jennifer Gudaitis, our community manager, keeps us straight and provides invaluable support!

Our lineup guides this year were Phyllis Godwin, Jenny Nebe, Kevin Griffin, Doris Dean, and David Miller. Thank you for getting the parade in order. Thank you, Wayne Strausbaugh, for driving Grand Marshal Phyllis Wiltrout and Steve Steinbeck for driving Grand Marshal Ray Redniss.

Bob Dumon, Deb Rothengast, and Al Asheuer: thank you for the photos and videos - you give us memories that last forever!

Plus, those 42 entries have an organizer that rallies their team, makes plans, and decorates.

See, it takes the entire community to run a parade! And Fairfield Harbour has the best volunteers ever. When Fairfield Harbor folks volunteer, they give it their all!

UPDATE: Fairfield Harbour residents and clubs are incredibly generous! The total donations for the West Craven Marching Eagles Band were $1022!
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