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FH artists show original art at The Pointe Restaurant

The Pointe Restaurant is now showing and selling some of Fairfield Harbour artist's best original paintings.

Spearheaded by POA president, Phil Hewett, The Pointe Restaurant walls are now filled with original paintings by Fairfield Harbour artists. Hanging from a museum style cable system, the artwork showcases the artwork and they are for sale. The artist collects the money and donates back 10% of the profit to the Pointe Restaurant. It's a win-win!

Artist now showing are: Debra Burrington, Pam Gaskill, Janet Hikes, Brenda Singh, Blake Sohn and Gina Wetz. Art will be rotated quarterly. If you are interested in showing and selling your art at The Pointe Restaurant, please call Janet Hikes at 717-253-3703.

Please stop by The Pointe Restaurant at your earliest convenience and check it out. You just might find something you can't live without!

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