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  • Deb Blanchard

Fairfield Harbour Neighborhood Pool Fun

When you see great ownership by someone, you need to scream it from the roof tops!

If you haven't gone down to visit the pool since it’s opening, you will see that volunteer Beth McDowell, a home owner here in Fairfield Harbour, has gone above and beyond to make the pool safe and fun. She is up early every morning to make sure the chemicals in the pool are at safe levels. You won’t find Beth having a cup of coffee at her kitchen table at 6:45 in the morning. You will find Beth sweeping the pool, checking the chemicals and getting the chairs ready, making sure they’re nice and clean for the guests to arrive starting at 7:30am. Beth checks the chemicals three times a day and she continues to think of ways to make the pool a fun community hangout during the hot days of summer.

If you’ve been at the pool lately you might see that she went ahead and put a blue sleeve on the hot railing just to protect people's hands, especially the young ones. Beth had her first aerobics class for the ladies here at Fairfield Harbour this past Tuesday at 10:00am. I wasn’t able to attend but I can tell by the pictures, it looked like a lot of fun! As Beth put it, “Our group at the Fairfield Harbour Pools first aerobics class, The Giggle Group, had a lot of fun. Come join us next Tuesday at 10:00am.”

Thank you Beth for volunteering your time to ensure our pool is open and ready for summer fun. Can’t wait to see other great ideas she comes up with!

See you at our beautiful community pool daily from 7:30am to 7:30pm.

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