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  • Bill Hand

Dinner Theater at The Pointe!

“Miss Murple’s Last Case” NC History Theater Travelling Troupe on the Road with Sleuth Spoof

November 10 and December 5 at The Pointe. Make your reservations online at

Miss Murple’s Last Case is a comic spoof on all those mystery genres and games from Clue to James Bond to Dashiell Hammett! Twists, turns, and red herrings are everywhere while the characters try to solve the case. So does the audience: the characters visit them between scenes to answer questions until, before the last act, the audience fills out its Whodunnit forms, and the best guess wins a prize!

What is it all about?

The nefarious Beezle Crittenham has been found dead in his hotel room, and the fabulous gem, the Green Flem which he stole from the East European nation of Solobalonia, is missing! Who killed him? Where’s the gem?

Meet six extraordinary and comical spies and detectives who are both suspects and sleuths who are pointing fingers at one another and trying to solve the crime. There’s Etta Place, the famous and deadly spy. Then there’s the equally dangerous and brilliant spy, Louis… oh, wait. Bob, the incompetent butler, accidentally put him in the hospital with an exploding shoe. But Bob frantically wants to be a spy and so he’s joined a reluctant Etta on the scene!

Beau Cutter is a film-noir type of guy – a detective, a gumshoe, a dick – who is always wisecracking and narrating his way along.

“Colonel” Sellers is an inventor of nefarious things like the potato-powered Fruma Sara Ionizer, an Operation Game-powered portable autopsy kit, and cherry-flavored onions.

Don’t forget Beulah Frumpczquezaskvi, an undercover spy of the backward nation of Solobalonia, on the track to find the Flem—armed to the teeth with bizarre and backward “secret weapons.” She is pretending to be a nurse to…

For more information, call 252-229-4977 or go or, or email

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