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Completion of the FHFC Mentoring Course

The current Fishing Mentoring Course is almost complete. A total of 21 people signed up for the 6 class course. This is a picture of the students practicing the 5 vital fishing knots after learning about tackle selection from Don Willis of Custom Marine Fabrication.

The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to help local fishing club members to become more proficient anglers. The classes are free and open to members of the Lower Neuse Anglers, East Carolina Salt Water Fishing Club and, of course, Fairfield Harbor Fishing Club. The sequence of 6 classes is described in the course syllabus available via this web reference:

The course starts when we have at least 15 people committed to participating. For 5 of the classes, we meet in a classroom at the Fairfield Harbour Activity Center for about 2 hours per session. These classes focus on different aspects of fishing in the Neuse River, the "near-shore" areas of the ocean along our coast, and specific technical fishing skills. These classes involve local experts' presentations and various online and custom-generated materials.

Those classes are typically held on weekday evenings to accommodate folks that work. The classes are scheduled to avoid conflicts with other Fairfield Harbour club meetings. One class typically happens on a weekend morning at the Fairfield Harbour boat ramp. All course times and durations are negotiated with the committed participants via email.

More information about the Fairfield Harbour Fishing Club is available via this web reference:

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