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This community is an excellent mix of what America is all about. I spend most of my day talking and listening to neighbors and visitors to this little piece of heaven we call Fairfield Harbour. I have learned many things about people who live and visit here. We have all heard the terms created to speak about our neighborhood. "Yankee Stadium" or "The Dark Side."

Isn't it great that we can all be thrown into this community, learn to get along, and create an environment of love and compassion for each other? It is America's "Ideal" because America is not a people but an idea that we can all live with a vision of freedom.

Did you know people from all over the United States and other countries live in this small community? I can tell you everyone I have spoken to in this community love it here. I'm a native of this area, and my neighbors are from New York, one on each side and even across the street. Guess what? They are the best neighbors one could ask for. The Sheriff is my neighbor, along with my neighbors from Arizona.

Even if you are not religious, I'm sure we have all heard the song "Red and Yellow, Black and White, we're all special in His Sight," or "Love Thy Neighbor." Even if you don't believe, the Ten Commandants are sound principles to live by.

I write this to remind us of who we are and how social media has become a platform for hate, ignorance, and loss of compassion for people we don't even know and have never met. However, we tend to attack, demean, and scrutinize what they have posted. In most cases, if you met or spent time with the person targeted, you would find that you both have common ground. As an analogy, I recently contacted a neighbor on Facebook and befriended him. His answer to me was, "Are you sure? I'm not from the same pollical party as you!" I said "Sure, why not?" We don't have to discuss politics. He and I have become good friends.

If you want to see social media results, look at any of the many Fairfield Harbour Facebook pages. The vile, evil, and nasty comments on our pages are unbelievable. I am from the old school because I'm old and ashamed of some of the comments, challenges, and direct attacks people make on the pages. Isn’t it interesting that every time someone on Facebook mentions the POA, social media lights up with negative comments and attacks? It's interesting because we elected these individuals to manage the daily operation of our community. If you are unhappy with their accomplishments, vote them out. It's the American way. I have always received up-to-date, correct information when I visit the POA office. If you have a legitimate question, ask. The employees are willing and able to help however they can. For those of you who don't understand the operation of the community, the board of directors manages the community, and the POA office is hired to operate the community with direction from the board.

So, what have I learned from living in this utopia I call Fairfield Harbour? Life is much better when you go out, meet your neighbors and be kind. Being an American is being free, loving your neighbor, and showing the world we live in a great place. Go out and meet your neighbor; you will find much in common. See you at The Pointe; stop and say hello!


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Jamee Harrell
Jamee Harrell
Aug 12, 2023

I love this article regarding being kind. Walt did a wonderful job! I think it's great that you addressed the issue of social media and I too have been so shocked at some of the things I've seen written to people and about people. Great words to live by thanks!

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