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Playing in Wet Conditions

We've had our fair share of storms for the month of January.  So far for the month, we're at around 6 inches of rain.  This will make for very damp conditions on the golf course.  There are a few things you can do as a golfer to help improve your ball striking in wet conditions. It’s so easy for the club to dig into the ground, causing a “fat” shot that only goes halfway to the hole. Next time you find yourself in wet conditions try these 3 easy tips…

Tip #1 – Choke Down. Anytime you want to create a better ball strike, choking down on the club is the easiest way. Take one extra club, choke down, and make a nice smooth swing.

Tip #2 – Ball Position Back. We are trying to hit the ball first in wet conditions. Anytime you hit the ground first in wet conditions, you are surely going to be hitting the ball “fat.” Putting the ball further back in your stance will promote ball first contact.

Tip #3 – Have the right gear. It may sound crazy, but having the right gear goes a long way in playing in wet conditions. Spiked, waterproof shoes will prevent you from slipping, unlike “spikeless” shoes. Also, having a good rain glove will prevent your grip from slipping. Having a solid stance and grip is key to hitting consistent golf shots.

Next time you're out in wet conditions give these tips a shot. Maybe your group will start referring to you as the “mudder.”

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