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April 2024 POA Board Projects Update

Updated: Apr 9


Fiber-optic update:

Encompass now has the GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar machine – working effectively to map the water and electrical lines in Fairfield Harbour as they bore the new fiber lines. This will speed up the process and increase accuracy. The drilling is finished quickly, so the noise should not last more than a day if they work in front of your home. Encompass has a second crew started recently, totaling more than 30 employees.

Special events committee:

The Events Committee is setting the 2024 schedule, and the complete lineup of fun events will be released soon. The first Music under the Stars event of the season is the popular dance band – The Bears. Save the date to hear The Bears on Saturday, April 20, at 6 pm at Pelican Park. Food trucks will be available.

Birdland Marina: The two-slip pedestals for Birdland Marina are en route and almost ready for installation. The old pedestals are past their lifespan and need replacing. Our maintenance staff will add the cleats to the dock.

Inner Harbour Bulk Heads: The repairs of the Inner Harbor seawall from the Shoreline Marina northward, which was budgeted for fiscal year 2023, are completed. The stainless-steel tiebacks, waterproofing, gravel, backfilling, support structure, panels, landscaping, and clean-up look great and should serve us well for the next 30 years! The 2024 budget covers repairing the additional seawall and the Shoreline Marina.

Harbour Club: Harbour Club Committee members met with several community residents to gather input on lighting, staging, and sound. Excavation was performed in three locations at the Harbour Club site to determine soil conditions and confirm that the basement slab and pool were demolished and removed.

“The soil conditions here are some of the best we’ve ever seen in Fairfield Harbour!” said a demolition crewmember. No debris field was left behind, and no offsite fill was used. The basement level was not as low as many had previously thought because there was dirt mounded up in the front of the old clubhouse that was used to fill the void. We are expecting a final report on the foundation requirements, which is the last piece needed before bids can be received.

Billboard: Will the billboard ever have electricity? It’s been weeks! Yes, it has been delayed. There have been setbacks for the contractors involved, and we have had to wait for the inspector each time. After this last week, the necessary repairs were made. The inspection is next week, and then we will get Duke Energy to install our meter. Inquiring minds have noticed that there have been many new diners and golfers who never knew about our location but learned about us from the new billboard. The billboard advertises Harbour Pointe Golf Club (HPGC) and The Pointe Restaurant. Harbour Pointe Golf Club has a new, shorter, and easier URL to remember – 

Harbour Pointe Golf Club (HPGC) Marketing: The enhancement committee is planning the 2024 ad campaign for HPGC. The 2023 winter campaign significantly increased reciprocal rounds of golf.  

New FHPOA Platform: is getting a new look. AppFolio is currently the platform for paying dues online, and we use Front Steps to house our documents. All our documents will now migrate to one platform - AppFolio. It is a user-friendly platform and will streamline and simplify the resident experience and upgrade our online payment portals. Our critical documents will be on the home page as you scroll through. It will be user-friendly on laptop, tablet, and mobile formats. Stay tuned for when it is ready to go live.

Paperless Billing for Annual POA dues: The annual POA dues billing went paperless this year, streamlining the process and saving you money on postage and printing. You should have received your annual dues starting March 1, 2024, via email. If you did not receive the email, please call the POA office at 252-633-5500. Remember payments are due by May 1, 2024, 4:30 pm. To ensure a hassle-free experience, please be sure your primary email is listed in Appfolio (our trusted payment portal) is the primary contact. Let's embrace this modern approach together!

Banner Program: Four Clubs bought new banners: Chorus, Road Gang, Castaways, and The Quilters. If your club wants a banner, contact David Pfefferkorn at or 252-229-7245.

Stormwater: All budgeted swails are complete.

Roads and Streets: The committee is renegotiating the cart path repaving contract.  

The Sinkhole on the Gondolier (the one that had major repairs a couple of years ago): CWS is aware- they’ve put extra cones in the area and are installing a piece of sheet metal over it. The lines will be cleaned out to allow a camera to see what exactly is happening so that a plan can be developed to fix what’s going on underneath the road and then the road itself. Use caution in this area.

Road work on Caracara in the 1700 block: CWS is aware of the erosion in the repair area that was removed several weeks ago, and they plan to fill it in so it won’t be so bumpy. At some point in the near future, it will be repaved. 

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