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9/11 an Enduring Legacy

Fairfield Harbour remembered the 21st anniversary of 9/11 with reflective tributes and testimonies to “never forget.” The 8 am ceremony was attended by Fairfield Harbour residents, the current and past POA Board members, community managers, and honored guests.

Phil Hewett, POA president, summed up the day in his opening remarks with these words:

I wonder when the terrorist attacked on us this particular day did they realized the importance of numbers. We call it 9/ 11 ... but if we say the numbers individually it’s nine, one, one. It’s the universal call for help. It’s one of the first thing we teach our children to do in an emergency. No matter the time of day there are dedicated individuals who sole job is to come to help no matter who calls or the circumstances. The same is true today as it was 21 years ago. During these first days we were united as Americans ... no one would tolerate negative comments about our country. Sure, we have imperfections but together we believed we could make it better. The same should be about your where you reside. It’s about serving others, it’s about helping neighbors It’s about community, it’s about making us stronger and not tearing us down.

John Rothengast, native New Yorker and POA Director, introduced the traditional ceremony of the U.S. Marine Corps Color Guard. Tri-Community Fire Department members Chief Jimmy Hart and Captain Jarrod Davis performed the laying of the wreath. Firefighter Brandon Waters rang the bell. The bell is rung 12 times, for the four planes involved and three times each.

Steve Tyson, NC House of Representative, and guest speaker, delivered a moving speech. Bob Dumon played the national anthems and taps on his trumpet and Craig Cooper sang popular patriotic songs. One of the highlights of the day were two girls scouts from Troop 812 that read their original poems of Enduring Legacy. Attendees enjoyed refreshments and camaraderie after the event at the Community Center.

The Fairfield Harbour 9/11 Memorial was designed from two pieces of artifact steel from the ruins of the World Trade Center. The site was designed and engineered by Fairfield Harbour resident, Betsy Conzelman, and built with donations from property owners, local contractors and vendors.

A special thank you to the 9/11 committee, Al Asheuer for the video and Deb Rothengast for the photography.

We Will Never Forgot.
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