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Friday, March 22, 2024



The inaugural STATracker season for the Ladies Golf Association at the Harbour Pointe Golf Club, began this past Thursday when the LGA held its Opening Day of the season on March 21st The HPGC/LGA adopted the exciting STATracker golf points system over the winter and 2024 will be its first season... AND... STATracker Central will publish a monthly review at the end of each month of the season which will run from 3/21/24 until 10/25/24. The exception being this month where StatCentral will publish this special Opening Day report as well as the monthly report next week when March concludes.

How did things go you ask...?? Well, plenty of fireworks occurred on Opening Day, so let’s get to it. RUTHANN HENDEL soared high on Opening Day as she captured the first eagle of the season. That 30 point play pushed her above the rest of the field and into first place in the inaugural Magnolia Cup standings. Hendel also scored a runnerup finish in the C -flight but it was her ChipIN and 5 dodges that did the trick and vaulted her up into the top spot. Now, of course, since this is the inaugural season, everything is going to be a “record.” Soooo... Hendel has set the record for the most Opening Day points with 80 and, the most points in a single round.

In a healthy display of diversity it was NANCY ZETELSKI covering 6 of 8 categories in her

Opening Day round as well as taking 1st place in the B-flight. In all, Zetelski piled up 76 points on not only her victory but also 3 pars, 1 birdie, 3 poleys, a CTP/a, a ChipIN and 3 dodges. She has jumped into the 2nd place position in the Magnolia Cup standings. Zetelski finds herself in an early chase position just 4 points behind Hendel.

SUE LAYTON took the win in the A-flight and along with Zetelski and PAM FERRELL, each of

these players set the record for the most pars on Opening Day with 4 apiece.

Another LGA/STATracker Opening Day record was set by LINDA LELLI. Lelli scored both a CTP on one stroke and a CTP on two strokes. No other player on Thursday was able to do that.

Elsewhere... three players were able to score a “clean-sweep.” A “clean-sweep” occurs when an eligible player can score 6 out of 6 “Dodge” opportunities. SUSAN MATHES, JOY HARSEN and STEPHANIE ELDRETH were those players who achieved that on Opening Day. So, therein, is yet another record that will stand going forward for an Opening Day round. Also, Zetelski, Mathes and BARBARA WALSH all scored 3 poleys in their STATracker debut round, leading that category on Opening Day.

Missing from Thursday’s proceedings were former Aces SHARON HENKE and KRIS ENGELHAUPT. Hopefully, they’ll make their STATracker debuts next week in round 2 of the 2024 season.

coming up...

Thursday, March 28, 2024... Round-2 of the HPGC/LGA STATracker season

March 21 was the kick off for the HPLGA 2024 Season.

A little cool in the AM, but we were happy to be back at it.

Also this was the first day of our new Magnolia Cup StaTracker.

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