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2023-HARBOUR CUP/STATracker Week-9 Highlights (thru: 4/28/2023… 23-rounds)

The 2023 race for the HARBOUR CUP, completed its 9th week of play.

Here are some notable Week-9 highlights…


Reversal of Fortune in MGA Prez vs. VP Tourney

In week 9, all three rounds were completed but only two rounds were part of the 2023 STATracker Masters competition in April… the Bald Eagles events on Monday and Friday. As the last week of the 2023 STATracker Masters Championship entered its final week, all bets were on that Monday’s round was going to be a key part in determining this year’s Masters Champ. The forecast for Friday’s round was holding fast showing a likely rain-out. So against this backdrop, MARK NOLAN entered the final week of the competition holding on to a tenuous one stroke lead over KEITH SWAN. Many thought Swan would win the title after he posted a final 4th score for the month, of 71, to put him “in the clubhouse” at -10, and Nolan was not able to play in Monday’s round. If Friday’s round got rained out, Nolan would’ve had to post a fourth score from earlier in the month, that would’ve dropped him to -8, handing Swan the title. However, as if from a Hollywood script, Friday arrived and with it there was some light on-and-off rain, but nowhere near what the forecast had originally stated. Joe Pillow, the Bald Eagles director, gave the go-ahead for the round to proceed. Nolan was there and ready. He knew he needed shoot par in order to preserve his lead. Swan was not in the field, opting to bank on his potential winning score, and the poor playing conditions that awaited the players as they headed out to complete Friday’s round. Nolan did not begin his round very well, including having to card an 8 on the Par-5 second. Some heavier rain began to fall at one point, but then it lightened up. Under these conditions, Nolan was able to right his ship and won the 2023 Masters in a “going away” style, firing a closing 66 to set a new STATracker Masters record with a winning score of -17. It was Nolan’s first major win of his STATracker career. MARK CARMICHAEL entered the final round on Friday at -10 and was looming as a threat to come from behind. But, he could not get anything going and finished in 3rd place with a -5. Speaking of Carmichael, he has quietly slipped under the radar, as he passed the 300 points mark last week in the Combined standings. He is currently sitting in 3rd place in the standings just 54 points behind standings leader PAUL CORMIER.

Now for the fireworks over last week’s President vs. VP MGA match play tournament, on Wednesday.

At the end of the tournament, the Vice President’s team (P. Cormier et. al.) was declared the winning team over the President’s team (D. Lange). Congratulations, the purse and the STATracker points were duly distributed. However, the next day, in an inspiring act of true sportsmanship, Mr. Cormier discovered and reported a posting error on the scoresheet. As a result, Mr. Cormier conceded the win over to the President, Mr. Lange and his team. The purse payout and STATracker points, have since been adjusted. Inquiries are being made and there is talk of a special commission to be assembled to investigate how such an error could have been made and to prevent such errors in the future. We’ll wait for their findings and report them to you.

….Coming up this week…

Bald Eagles will play on Monday, 5/1… and on Friday, 5/5

The MGA hosts an individual format playdate on Wednesday, 5/3

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