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2023-HARBOUR CUP/STATracker Week-5 Highlights

(thru 3/31/2023)

The 2023 race for the HARBOUR CUP completed its 5th week of play.

Here are some notable Week-5 highlights.


With decent weather, all three rounds in Week-5 were completed, marking the end of the first month of the 2023 STATracker season. The week also featured the MGA's second Tournament of the season. The standout news from Week-5 was the point total recorded by PAUL CORMIER as he played in all three rounds. Cormier set two new records for STATracker to play with 134 points in 1 sanctioned week of play AND scored three sandies in a single round. All in all, Cormier had three birdies, a 1st place team finish.

Six sandies, four holeouts, and a CTP. With all those points, Cormier extended his first-place lead in the Combined standings. In addition, the 68 points he scored during Wednesday's MGA tourney pushed Cormier into 1st place in the Tournament's standings. At this time last year, C.A. SMITH won first place in both standings, and Smith finished the month of March last year with 183 points. By the close of business on Friday, Cormier had amassed 291 points.

However, not too far behind is STAN KOONCE. Koonce played in all three rounds and garnered 67 points for the week with two birdies, 2 CTPs, three holeouts, a sandy, and

a 2nd place team finish in the MGA tournament. Koonce now finds himself in the chaser position, once again, in the Combined standings.

In the MGA tournament on Wednesday, other big point-getters were BRUCE HICE and DAVE SEYERLE, with 21 points a piece. Hice, the 2021 STATracker Masters champ, currently sits in the 11th position in the Combined standings. Meanwhile, first-year player Seyerle has maintained a top-10 position since the start of the season. He now leads all players with four trips to the Winners Circle in just eight starts. We're going to keep an eye on this developing story. AND… a big "Welcome Back" to MARK NOLAN. Nolan returned to play last week with a start in the tourney on Wednesday and bagged 21 points in his 1st round, pushing him up into 7th place in the Tournaments standings. JOE PILLOW had a lovely week despite still nursing a sore neck. During his two starts last week, pillow bagged four birdies, two holeouts, and a CTP. Pillow is currently a top-10 player.

OFFICIAL FINAL RESULTS for the MGA March Chiller Tournament…

The team finishes… 1st/Carmichael, Hice, Sandall, Seyerle- 82.00

2nd/Koonce, Caruso, Engelhaupt, Fahrmeier-83.75

3rd/Aiuto, Smith, Furman, Nolan-84.25

Coming up this week:

Bald Eagles will play on Monday, 4/3, and on Friday, 4/7

The MGA hosts an individual playdate on Wednesday, 4/5


April is STATracker Masters Month.

This is an individual low-net 4-round competition.

Play in any sanctioned Bald Eagles or MGA event during April.

Each time you play during April, and when applicable, I'll record your net score from that day's round.

At the end of the month, I'll select your four lowest rounds for the month.

The player with the lowest four rounds will be declared the 2023 STATracker Masters Champion.

Also, keep in mind a 1st place finished in this month-long event is worth

15 points in the Combined standings... 2nd place = 12 pts., 3rd place = 9 pts.

Tom Caruso- HPGC/MGA/STATracker

Text questions, requests, concerns, and suggestions to 631-774-7012

Be sure to include your name!!

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